Rooms B & C / Friday 17:00 - 17:30

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448Khz – The Specific Frequency that Delivers Multiple Treatments to Elevate your Practice - FREE

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INDIBA’s Deep Care system is the latest and most advanced version of the world’s first radiofrequency device for diathermy treatments. More than 170 clinical studies and nine PHD theses attest to the safety and efficacy of INDIBA’s systems, demonstrating the intrinsic properties of INDIBA Deep Care’s 448kHz current; such as the action to regulate cell function, regenerate tissue, provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-adipogenic activity, and the stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells. The INDIBA Deep Care system comes with 27 protocols pre-installed and 41 approved protocols. With Deep Care you can offer a greater range of treatments from the usual skin tightening and lipolysis to aesthetic gynaecological treatments all with a single device. Watch a live treatment and see how Deep Care can elevate your practice.

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