Room A / Saturday 10:30 - 12:30

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Teoxane Takeover: The Teoxane Approach 2 – FREE

This session is worth 2 CPD Points

The Teoxane symposium will begin with Dr Lee Walker presenting on his 4mm needle technique for safer and more predictable lip augmentation treatments. This lecture and live demonstration will include an overview of anatomical considerations when approaching a lip treatment, alongside a recommended technique for safer augmentation. Part two of the Teoxane Symposium will focus on the male patient, whereby Dr Tahera Bhojani-Lynch will discuss the male patient profile, treatment approaches and ageing process of a male patient. Mr Ayad Harb will then perform a live treatment on a male patient to sculpt and define the midface and lower face regions.

*Please note this session is for medically-qualified professionals only (doctors, nurses, dentists) and you will be required to provide a GMC, NMC or GDC number in order to attend.

Sponsored by Teoxane UK