Room A / Friday 10:00 - 12:00

The Teoxane Approach Symposium: Approach to 4D Volumisation

This session is worth 2 CPD Points

During this session, international speakers Dr Patrick Trevidic, Dr Lee Walker and Dr Raul Cetto will explore the mid and lower face regions with analysis of the Teoxane 4D Approach. Dr Patrick Trevidic will explore the anatomical considerations when approaching volumisation treatments, including the 4th dimension in facial aesthetics – movement. Dr Trevidic will showcase how treatment plans should differ when approaching static vs dynamic anatomy. In addition, Dr Trevidic will discuss how HA gel rheology must be specifically adapted to volumise all areas of the face, focusing on the bone and both superficial and deep fat compartments.

This lecture will be followed by a Dr Walker, who will perform a live demonstration of midface treatment on a middle-aged patient seeking restoration of lost volume. This demonstration will be followed by a second, performed by Dr Raul Cetto, who treat lower face on a millennial patient seeking contour and definition in the jawline and chin. During these demonstrations, Dr Walker and Dr Cetto will also cover the patient concerns, assessment and treatment plan.


Dr Lee Walker


Dr Raul Cetto


Dr Patrick Trevidic

Sponsored by Teoxane UK