Room A / Friday 14:00 - 16:00

The Teoxane Approach Symposium: Approach to Perioral

This session is worth 2 CPD Points

During this session, international speakers Dr Patrick Trevidic, Dr Lee Walker and Dr Raul Cetto will explore the peri oral region with analysis of the Teoxane Approach. Dr Patrick Trevidic will explore the anatomy of the lip and peri oral region, with focus on the dynamic nature of this zone. This lecture will be followed by Dr Walker who will summarise the different rheology’s available to perfectly adapt treatment plans to desired outcomes.

These lectures will be followed by two live demonstrations approaching the lip and peri oral region. Dr Raul Cetto will demonstrate lip augmentation on a middle-aged patient seeking subtle shape and definition, followed by Dr Trevidic who will demonstrate lip augmentation of a millennial patient, seeking a naturally enhanced outcome.


Dr Raul Cetto


Dr Lee Walker


Dr Patrick Trevidic

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