Room A / Saturday 14:00 - 16:00

The Teoxane Approach Symposium: Full Face Treatment Algorithm

This session is worth 2 CPD Points

During this session, international speakers Dr Lee Walker and Dr Benji Dhillon will analyse full face treatments with analysis of the Teoxane Approach. Dr Lee Walker will review the ageing process and how changes to the bone, deep and superficial fat play a role in aesthetic ideals. Dr Walker will also cover the beauty ideals patients are seeking considering age, ethnicity and gender.

This lecture will be followed by two full face demonstrations, each addressing full face treatment needs. Dr Benji Dhillon will perform the treatment on a millennium patient, seeking beautification. This will be followed by Dr Lee Walker, who will perform the treatment on a middle-aged patient seeking restoration. During these demonstrations, Dr Walker and Dr Dhillon will also cover the patient concerns, assessment and treatment plan.

Sponsored by Teoxane UK